Q. Where can I buy the Kits?

A. At this stage we are preparing to send out our first edition kits to those who ordered a kit through our crowd funding campaign and in the process of setting up our ecommerce site. If you are just hearing about us now and would like to order a kit, no fear we have some extra stock, but it is going fast. So you can contact us via email to put your order. in. 


Q. how much are the Home kits?

A. Our home kits cost $129. 


q, how much are the school kits?

A. Our school kits are $199. At Grow Your Mind we believe to build a successful school culture around wellbeing, you are best to have a kit for each class, or at the very least for each year. For further information on what you get when you purchase 7 or more kits click here. If you would like more information and to discuss having Grow Your Mind in your school, please contact Alice


Q. Are the Home kits for children to use by themselves oR with an adult?

A. Initially we advise you all sit down together and explore the kit and its elements. This way you will have an idea of what you might want to access in any given moment. There are a range of tools that children can use by themselves and some which are further enriching to explore together. 


Q. What is the research behind the development of these kits?

A. The Kits have been highly influenced and developed based on the work and research of the following people - Martin Seligman, Barbara Fredrickson, Carol Dweck and Karen Reivich. For more information see our Research page.


Q. Have the kits themselves been tested

A. At this stage no. The kits were developed to support our children and they have been highly successful with this. Whilst developing the kits, we did test a very basic prototype with friends and their children and they too found them kits extremely useful. We are excited and welcome the opportunity to have these kits formally tested and hope this opportunity will arise soon. 


Q. How can I Support Grow Your Mind?

A. We would love your support and it is very contact us and let us know how you would like to support us.