Lesson plans

Introducing Grow Your Mind with

11 lesson plans

New to Grow Your Mind? Start with these 12 lessons. They are for pre - year 6 and are designed to be modified for each year level. The idea is every year level begins the journey together and covers the same themes each week. This is a great way to launch Grow Your Mind into your school. Following these lessons we have more on offer on perspective, communication, uncomfortable emotions, neurons etc. Scroll down to find them.

Worksheets and Resources

Colouring in Pages

Add Yet

Dose of Well-being

Feelings Word Search

Know and Grow a Strength

No Mud, No Lotus

Shark Vs. Dolphin

Strengths Word Search

Brain Echo

Breathing Styles

Gratitude Meditation

Short Stories

Strength Discussion Pointers

Strength Scenarios


For teachers to use as a guide to every day wellbeing in the classroom



Animal characters

Dear Wise Owl


Letter to Wise Owl

Year 3-6 (to go with brain lesson)


Year 2-6 x 3 worksheets with a kindness theme

Gratitude letter

Draw internal weather

K-6 self check in. Draw a picture of the weather inside you today.

Internal weather worksheet

Year 2-6



Year 6 comprehension task

Give the insular cortex an animal name

Year 5-6

PERMAH acronym

Year 4-6


Year 6 comprehension task

Lesson on PERMA

Year 3-6

Focus on focus

Year 3 - 6

Uncomfortable emotions: anger

K - 1

Mindful Movement

Worksheets for K-2 and 3-6


Year 6 comprehension task


A template to boost connection in your classroom.

Lessons on communication

Year 3-6 although work tasks can be adapted for all year levels

Mindful ways

to communicate

Year 3-6 worksheet on styles of communication


Year 3-6: healthy vs. unhealthy ways to deal with it

Healthy friends

Year 3-6 worksheet to accompany mindful communication lesson plans

Help Me Get Over the Wall scenarios

Pre to Year 3 scenrios to be used with lego figurines needing to get over their wall (struggle).

Strengths ext. lesson

Pre- Year 6. Using lego figurines to further teach the variety of character strengths that exist. Please see an idea for a project for Year 3-6 in this document

Perspective lesson

For year 3-6 but could be adapted for younger years also

Directed vs Free Form Attention

This will compliment a lesson on focus, in particular for Stage 3.

Scope and Sequence

Have you introduced our kits in your classroom? Looking for a way to continue teaching the program each year and keep it fresh? This is a basic sample scope and sequence with links for clips, new lesson plans and worksheets for Early Stage 1 through to Stage 3.

Recommended book list to support GYM

Looking for more ways to embed Grow Your Mind? Get your library involved or start reading any of the texts in this guide in your class. Let us know if you have other recommendations!

Weeds and Flowers

A great way to accompany our new Weeds and Flowers game but you could also use this without purchasing anything. Build an awareness of compassion, resilience and mindfulness in students from Year 2 and up.

Newsletter tips

After a whole school common language? Communication between school and home is incredibly important. Here are some samples, feel free to cut, paste and edit as you wish

Where to start?

If you are a teacher and wanting to know where to start with Grow Your Mind - check out our manual.

Growth Mindset Tree

Links in with introductory lessons for K-6. You could also use this to support any growth vs fixed mindset lessons you are currently giving in your school environment. Fixed mindsets start at the bottom of the tree. As the branches get higher more growth mindsets begin. We have a beautiful poster for sale in our online shop that gives a visual example of this.