Our Home Kit

Developed for three year olds and up, the Grow Your Mind home kit is a treasure trove of playful objects, games, guidebooks and sensorial experiences to educate and empower children about their brain and emotions. 



Developed for three year olds and up, the Grow Your Mind home kit is a treasure trove of playful objects, games, guidebooks and sensorial experiences to educate and empower children about their brain and emotions.

Kit cost $129.


Home kit contents 


Our Welcome to Grow Your Mind book, begins with a story introducing the four of the key animal characters which relate to areas of the brain (the prefrontal cortex, the hippocampus, the amygdala and the reticular activating system - RAS). The story explains their important roles and how the rest of the kit can support them.


FLIP TO FLOURISH - A guidebook full of photos that promote ways you can flourish. Flip to any page and land on an image that may bring on an emotion that is broadening. This type of emotion can literally make your heart healthier, widen your attention, give you an ability to be more flexible with others and build your resilience. On the back of each image is further information and links to research.


FEELINGS CARDS - A set of illustrated cards with a range of feelings to play with, act out and laugh over. These cards are aimed to develop your child's emotional literacy. 


KNOW AND GROW A STRENGTH FABRIC PRINT- Know your strengths and explore ways you can practice others. You can hang this on your wall and refer to it on a regular basis, E.g. "I am going to need patience today...." or use it as a tea towel and try growing some strengths all the while washing up the dishes! 


DICE FOR DICEY SITUATIONS - Most of the contents of the kit are preventative and joy promoting, this one however is for those moments when you are feeling angry, frustrated or overwhelmed. All normal emotions, but if you are stuck on them give throwing the dice a go. When you roll it, you are given a strategy that might help you channel those feelings, as well as buy you some time for your guard dog (amygdala) to shrink so that you can make the best choice.


HAPPY HANDS HAPPY HEART PLAYDOUGH - This beautifully scented, all natural playdough is all about inspiring calm and creative play. Did you know squishing something in your hands can be a great way to send signals in the brain away from areas that create stress? Thank youth our lovely friend Emma for letting us put her beautiful playdough in our kit. For more information visit https://www.happyhandshappyheart.com.au


GROW YOUR FOCUS HACKY SACK PAK - Stick up your target sheet. Can you hit the middle? Try and just focus on hitting the centre. By focusing on just one thing you are strengthening your Sifting Sooty (RAS). Make it harder for yourself by asking others to try and distract you. Try blocking them out, just focus on the target and the feel of the hacky sack. This is an invaluable skill to build up as we are constantly being bombarded with distractions. This is fine so long as you are able to make a clear choice when you want to, about what you really want to focus on.


ACU ACTIONS TREASURE WHEEL  - Ever felt tense in your shoulders when you are frustrated? Maybe you get a sore tummy when you are anxious. This interactive rotating wheel offers Acu Actions ( inspired from acupuncture) that will help you understand how to relieve tension, reduce the impacts of stress on the physical body, increase energy levels and promote healthy circulation. Easy to do by yourself, or with a friend. 


MAKE YOUR OWN ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLER - We have very deliberately not filled your essential oil roller, nor included the oils to blend. This is an fantastic opportunity to explore with your children what scents they like and make them feel relaxed, happy and calm. When you smell something it taps into the part of the brain that stores emotional memories. So by making your own mix, you can start teaching the brain that whenever you smell it, its time for your body and mind to be calm, how powerful is that. All instructions can be found on the back of your Acu Actions wheel. 


GRATITUDE JOURNAL WITH PENCILS -  Scientists have been studying happiness, longevity and resilience in humans. One of the key factors in each - a gratitude practice. This recycled paper journal and lovely pencils make it easy and environmentally friendly.


CATASTROPHE SCALE MAGNET - This magnet is gold!! It will help you brainstorm and talk about the range of problems we experience, the ways we react and think about matching our reaction to the actual problem. 


We encourage you as a family to explore the kit together first and get the know the elements, then you have a sense of what is in there and what might be useful in any moment. There are many parts that children can enjoy alone and others, where it is more enriching for both adult and child to experience together. We also suggest personalising your kit. Our kits have worked well for our families and for our friends but they are just our offerings. We love the idea of you adding to it now and over the years too. 


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