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Grow Your Mind school kits are informed by leading-edge research in the fields of developmental cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness, social and emotional learning and positive psychology. They are designed to make embedding wellbeing messages easy, fast and effective. The kit can be used on a daily basis, for as little as two minutes at a time. It can also be expanded into 45 minute lessons linked to both the NSW and the Australian Curriculum. 

Grow Your Mind kits aim to support schools to have a positive, inclusive culture by facilitating a common language of wellbeing. The foundation of the NSW Department of Education’s Wellbeing Framework is Connect, Succeed, Thrive. Our kits aim to support these areas and to give any school’s wellbeing culture wings.

In each kit you will find a resource that grows resilience, mindfulness, compassion, character strengths, impulse control, emotional regulation, courage and a growth mindset.

Kits cost is $199.

Our school Kit contents


WELCOME TO GROW YOUR MIND AT SCHOOL - Our Welcome to Grow Your Mind book, begins with a story introducing the four of the key animal characters which relate to areas of the brain (the prefrontal cortex, the hippocampus, the amygdala and the reticular activating system - RAS). The story explains their important roles.


BRAIN POSTER - Our Grow Your Mind brain diagram is an A3 poster that introduces the 4 key characters and their related brain areas.


TRAFFIC LIGHT POSTER - Our A3 traffic light poster instructs students in emotional regulation.


KNOW AND GROW A STRENGTH - This A3 poster is based on the VIA character strengths and other virtues. This poster lists these strengths children can come to identify and understand.


KNOW AND GROW A STRENGTH WORKING POSTER - This eco-glazed A3 poster which comes with removable strengths to allow classrooms to focus easily on one at a time. Each strength comes with discussion pointers you can download on our website.

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GROWTH MINDSET POSTER - This beautiful A2 poster visually inspires students to notice and challenge their fix mindset thinking.


ANIMAL TIP SHEETS - 4 Animal tips sheets, sized A4, give quick reminders on how best to support these animals/parts of your brain.


FLIP TO FLOURISH - Each day or week students can 'flip' to a page that directs them to an image and a call to action of a way they can flourish at school. On the back of each flip are the benefits and research behind the action.


FEELINGS CARDS - A set of illustrated cards with a range of feelings to play with, act out and laugh over. These cards are aimed to develop your child's emotional literacy.


DESK STICKERS - A pack of 28 desk stickers with a focus to support either growth mindset or emotional regulation


REWARD STICKERS - Recognise a moment of emotional regulation, a great memory, focus, a wise decision or an act of bravery with our Grow Your Mind character stickers, each kit gets a sheet with 28 stickers.


CLASS GRATITUDE JOURNAL -A class gratitude journal, to build a record of gratitude as a class. Scientists have shown gratitude to be one of the key ingredients in happiness, longevity and resilience.


CATASTROPHE SCALE MAGNET PUZZLE - A catastrophe scale in the form of 4 whiteboard magnets. This is designed to give students a visual aid for putting things in perspective and on building emotional regulation.


Also included in our School kit is a make your own Class Amygdala Jar and teacher cheat sheet. 


Is your school in the Sydney area?

Wanting to invest in 7 or more school kits?

If so Grow Your Mind offers a free workshop for teachers to explain each element of the kit and how to best use it In your classroom. We also offer a parent information night.

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